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Mesh industry

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Talleres Núñez is an industry with more than 77 years of experience which has undergone changes and a great evolution with the passage of time.

Their rule of conduct is to obtain the highest quality of their products (stell wire, mesh, polyurethane and rubber screen, steel perforated plates…) the proximity with their costumers and a hierarchy to guarantee technic responsibility in all their sections and sectors.

During their years at the beggining, their activity was dedicated to strengthen the chain mail manufacturing methods for the national market. In last ten years they have expanded meeting completely the demand of the related, products with the selection of the materials, and they have begun to spread across the international markets, with presence in more than twenty countries in five continents.

To undestand better the job of this Enterprise, it is necessary to attend to the raw method.  It exist different stages to separate the material depending on the size of the material.

Taller Núñez has been dedicated to the activity from 45 years ago, and their method is made use for the manufacturing of the concrete, mortar and asphalt.

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