The best way to save money and to contribute to the society

28 octubre, 2016
The best way to save money and to contribute to the society

Renewable energies are so important for our society nowadays. More and more people are realising that these energies let to families, small and big companies and public administration the possibility to reduce their electricity dependence and, consequently, the possibility to save money in the long term, which is an important issue for us all. Keeping that in our minds can help us so much.

There are several countries where these renewable energies are working in a good way. Countries like Sweden or Austria are producing more energy from biomass than from petrol. Others, like Finland, Latvia or even Spain, are leaders in the production of wind energy. However, Denmark is the example to follow. Danish population will be the first in the world who will be able to live without fossil fuels. Experts say that this will happen in 2050.

Sadly, in England there are a lot of things to do to reach these levels I have just mentioned. I left from there some years ago to start living in a Spanish coastal town named Salou. There I opened a sports goods store with John and Sam, two old friends who had came to Spain with me. We started to sell t-shirts from a good variety of football and basketball teams, football balls and other sports products. As we speak Spanish fluently, we didn’t have any problem to connect to Spanish people and we didn’t need so much time to have a lot of customers.

Although we were doing the things well, we had a problem: our expense in electricity was so high and we need to do something to reduce it. As we had earned enough money during the previously months and Salou is a sunny place, we started to think in installing solar panels in the shop’s roof. Certainly, if we could install these solar panels, we would be able to save money and we would stop having all these high expenses.

However, having a solar panel isn’t very easy. We needed to get a structure to put it first, so we started to compile information about supplies which could provide us the correct one to assemble this panel. After a couple of days, we didn’t have any doubt about that. We were going to give our confidence to, the web page of an enterprise which is dedicated to built road safety components and other kind of structures. We contacted and explained our intentions to them and, fortunately, they said they didn’t have any problem to built and install the structure for us.

A good quality and the best price

After a few weeks, we could see the strong structure located on the ceiling of our shop. It was a reliable, tough and safe structure, and it was ready to install the solar panel we had just purchased. Once it was installed, we could start to save money. Could it be possible?

Of course. Some months later, we realised that we were paying less money for our electricity bills. We could invest this money in more t-shirts for our shop, something that the customers would thank. In addition, we felt well because we know we were doing a favour to the society reducing the electricity dependence. Personally, I think it would be necessary to promote this kind of actions. Public Administration should encourage enterprises and particulars to do something like that.

Actually, our business works. We are making more and more money and now we have one of the most prosperous shops in the city. It haven’t been easy to get that, but with ideas as we had with solar panels can help you and your business to have a promising future. But the key for that is always give your confidence to the best professionals, as we have done with