In Five CC we analyze and study businesses, services and stores with an Internet presence with the objective to convey our review, evaluation and recommendation of the most competent business to consider or offer a better service or product.

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28 octubre, 2016

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The best way to save money and to contribute to the society

A couple of friends and me have a sports goods store in Salou and we wanted to install a solar panel in the shop's roof. However, having a solar panel isn’t very easy. We needed to get a structure to put it first, so we started to compile information about supplies which could provide us the correct one to assemble this panel. After a couple of days, we didn’t have any doubt about that. We were going to give our confidence to, the web page of an enterprise which is dedicated to built road safety components and other kind of structures. We contacted and explained our intentions to them and, fortunately, they said they didn’t have any problem to built and install the structure for us.
26 octubre, 2015

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ORNITHOLOGICAL TOURISM, a natural experience.

If you are looking for a nature experience with Birds, the travel agency NaturZoom offers the best options for Natural Tourism. It is a new kind of enjoying Nature in Spain. With the best expert local guides in flora and fauna, Naural Tourism is specialized in the northern part of Spain, the area Birdwatching unknown, where there are diverse ecosystems and a great variety of migratory waterfowl, alpine and forest species. They also perform specialized tours butterflies, mammals, cetaceans or insects.

Commitmented to a range of nature tourism and especially ornithological tourism and based on social and environmental responsibilities as the Manual SEO / Birdlife Good Environmental Practices Birdwatching, the proposal of NaturZoom is to seek to minimize the negative




For most people in search of accommodation for their vacation, the first and only option that comes to mind is a simple hotel. But there is an alternative that has better amenities to book: serviced holiday apartments such as THE MERCER BORIA BCN. Placed in a small palace of the 18th century totally restored but respecting the historic features of the building, it has eleven ample and luminous rooms SUITES and LUXURY HOLIDAY APARTMENTS to rent.

A serviced apartment is basically an apartment that is fully furnished and offers the privacy and comforts of home, but is run like a hotel, with housekeeping staff that “service” the apartment.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be staying in

Why staying at a Boutique Hotel has more benefits?

Why staying at a Boutique Hotel has more benefits?

There is more than one reason to choose a boutique-style hotel over a chain hotel, especially when we are travelling abroad. Nowadays, boutique hotels offer visitors a more authentic look into the culture and lifestyle of the country they are staying and often over a variety of benefits that cannot be reaped from a typical chain hotel. The MERCER HOTEL BARCELONA is a perfect example of this choice. Situated in the heart of the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, it displays why staying at a boutique hotel has more benefits.

One of the most remarkable reasons is the size. Boutique hotels are typically smaller in size than a standard chain hotel. While an important chain of hotels has over 100 rooms,

Mesh industry

Talleres Núñez is an industry with more than 77 years of experience which has undergone changes and a great evolution with the passage of time.

Their rule of conduct is to obtain the highest quality of their products (stell wire, mesh, polyurethane and rubber screen, steel perforated plates…) the proximity with their costumers and a hierarchy to guarantee technic responsibility in all their sections and sectors.

During their years at the beggining, their activity was dedicated to strengthen the chain mail manufacturing methods for the national market. In last ten years they have expanded meeting completely the demand of the related, products with the selection of the materials, and they have begun to spread across the international markets, with presence in more than twenty countries in five continents.

To undestand better the job of this Enterprise

Enjoy Ibiza with a luxury yatch

Ibiza keeps so many secrets. Everyone knows about it white sand, it delicious gastronomy and everyone knows someone who enjoyed the marvelous sunset with a drink or cocktail in the hand. In Ibiza, you can explore the island and its refuges beaches. If you prefer urban places, you can visit the villages with traditional houses. In addition, many cafés and pubs help you to relax yourself. And of course, the famous night in Ibiza, with good vibes and atmosphere.

Well, everyone wants to enjoy beaches in Ibiza but, what about its sea?

Mediterranean Sea is one of the most incredible places for sailing by yatch, specially if you depart from a little paradise. The charming white island, Ibiza, offers you and excellent propose of luxury yacht charter for increasing your pleasant holidays in Spain.

Mercer Hotels, your home in Barcelona

Who does not know yet Barcelona? One of the most special cities in Spain. Barcelona can make you remind to past ages, to different cultures, with special tastes and sights.

Hoping a good experience in Barcelona, choosing a Barcelona 5 stars hotel is an important decision. Mercer Hotel offers to visitants in Barcelona one of best hotels in Barcelona, with unique location, total comfort and nice gourmet experiences.

Mercer Hotel is located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, the oldest place in Barcelona, where you can feel the Middle Age sensations in plaza San Jaime or Santa María del Mar church. Mercer hotel establishment is the result of a big restauration of an historic building, so guests can walk around a part of the wall of Roman city of Barcino, and enjoy another signs of mediaeval

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Zensatez, a new concept of a restaurant in Moraira

There is a restaurant in Moraira which has revolutionized the concept of gastronomy in Spain. This gastro-bar, as the owner defined it, is called Zensatez and was created by a young chef, Ivan Grau, born in 1984 and a native from L’Olleria. Moraira Zensatez opened in July 2012 in front of the Alicante’s sea. Since then, it is considered one of the remarkable restaurants in the Yearbook 2012 of Valencian food, made by the critic Antonio Vergara. It has also received the certificate of excellence in tripadvisor for the great customer acceptance. And in November 2012, the Zensatez restaurant was nominated as a finalist for JOVEMPA as one of the best restaurant’s careers in the Marina Alta, because of its distinctive restaurant concept.

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In Five CC we analyze and study businesses, services and stores with an Internet presence with the objective to convey our review, evaluation and recommendation of the most competent business to consider or offer a better service or product.

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