ORNITHOLOGICAL TOURISM, a natural experience.

26 octubre, 2015
ORNITHOLOGICAL TOURISM, a natural experience.

If you are looking for a nature experience with Birds, the travel agency NaturZoom offers the best options for Natural Tourism. It is a new kind of enjoying Nature in Spain. With the best expert local guides in flora and fauna, Naural Tourism is specialized in the northern part of Spain, the area Birdwatching unknown, where there are diverse ecosystems and a great variety of migratory waterfowl, alpine and forest species. They also perform specialized tours butterflies, mammals, cetaceans or insects.

Commitmented to a range of nature tourism and especially ornithological tourism and based on social and environmental responsibilities as the Manual SEO / Birdlife Good Environmental Practices Birdwatching, the proposal of NaturZoom is to seek to minimize the negative impacts of tourism on the environment and maximize the positive, by applying global sustainability ideas on its planning and development. It is very important to value the natural heritage and, especially, the living resources represented by birds as indicators and as motivators of this.

Neighbors, partners and suppliers are also involved in improving care for tourist nature, and it must be understood that only environmentally responsible and sustainable deals with conscious and well trained professionals can prevent or reduce the negative impacts and contribute to environmental conservation especially of birds and their habitats.

The tour packages are competitively priced in the north of Spain, that´s why NaturZoom tries to adapt and make the best trip that fits the needs and preferences of the customer. Every traveler is different, and so, all kinds of possibilities are offered; different natural destinations, accommodation … So that everything is just perfect!

«Wine and Birds Days» is a unique trip. The best of two exciting worlds is brought together to create and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

“Culture and Nature” is for people interested in prehistoric art, gastronomy, cultural heritage and of course in nature and ornithology. According to these interests, the trip will be customized so that all the expectations meet the best.

“Watching whales and dolphins” at sea is another unforgettable experience to live. The sightings of cetaceans are very close and accessible to all. In addition, Euskadi in the Basque Coast has varied traditions to enjoy and its famous cuisine is also an excuse to go.

“Waterfowl” in an incredible experience in the Natural Park of the Marshes of Santoña, Victoria and Joyel that is the most important in northern Spain.  In it, travelers can find some species of birds arrived from the far north and through the Cantabria Bird Boat, watch other birds in a privileged environment, always in small groups and with personalized service.

There are also more nature trips to another destinations and complementary activities, you just have to ask for and NaturZoom will make a personalized budget to the level of your expectations.


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