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Why staying at a Boutique Hotel has more benefits?

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There is more than one reason to choose a boutique-style hotel over a chain hotel, especially when we are travelling abroad. Nowadays, boutique hotels offer visitors a more authentic look into the culture and lifestyle of the country they are staying and often over a variety of benefits that cannot be reaped from a typical chain hotel. The MERCER HOTEL BARCELONA is a perfect example of this choice. Situated in the heart of the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, it displays why staying at a boutique hotel has more benefits.

One of the most remarkable reasons is the size. Boutique hotels are typically smaller in size than a standard chain hotel. While an important chain of hotels has over 100 rooms, most boutique hotels have well under 100 rooms. The MERCER HOTEL BARCELONA has only twenty-eight rooms.

Fewer rooms give boutique hotels a more personal feel and often mean hotel staff is able to focus more of their attention on each guest’s needs.

With regard to personality, boutique hotels are often full of it. Many of these hotels are in historical buildings with charm and details unachievable through modern-day construction and even if the boutique hotel is of the newer variety, they are often still packed with personality punch and feature hip, trendy, modern, romantic or whimsical themes that run throughout the hotel spaces. Many boutique hotels also select themes for each hotel room, making each room unique and one-of-a-kind. The Mercer Hotel Barcelona is set among roman fortifications and mediaeval arches and it occupies a collection of buildings with great architectural significance. Built on top of a section of the walls of Barcino, the ancient Roman city, It retains features from a variety of historical periods stretching from the 1st century AD up to the 19th century, all of which have been restored not only to display but also to encourage a genuine feel for the history of Barcelona.

As we discussed earlier, the small size of boutique hotels often means they are able to focus more of their resources on making each guest’s stay memorable through exceptional service.  It might be something like designer bath products, a free bottle of wine upon check-in, personalized dining or entertainment recommendations that create a comfortable atmosphere of being and feeling well attended. Mercer Hotel is not the exception.

When you compare prices between boutique hotels and chain hotels, you may be surprised to find that boutique hotels often offer a lot more value for your money. A recent study actually found that a boutique hotel is typically 20 percent cheaper than a comparable chain establishment. The MERCER HOTEL in BARCELONA has special promotions and discounts available throughout the year.

At last, since boutique hotels are often independently owned and not part of a large network like chain hotels, you’ll find that boutique hotels offer more in terms of variety. No matter what your personal preferences when it comes to a hotel, there is likely a boutique hotel to meet your needs.

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