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Zensatez, a new concept of a restaurant in Moraira

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There is a restaurant in Moraira which has revolutionized the concept of gastronomy in Spain. This gastro-bar, as the owner defined it, is called Zensatez and was created by a young chef, Ivan Grau, born in 1984 and a native from L’Olleria. Moraira Zensatez opened in July 2012 in front of the Alicante’s sea. Since then, it is considered one of the remarkable restaurants in the Yearbook 2012 of Valencian food, made by the critic Antonio Vergara. It has also received the certificate of excellence in tripadvisor for the great customer acceptance. And in November 2012, the Zensatez restaurant was nominated as a finalist for JOVEMPA as one of the best restaurant’s careers in the Marina Alta, because of its distinctive restaurant concept.


The idea of ​​starting this atypical restaurant located oceanfront Moraira, with a cozy little terrace, emerged from his young owner and through his extensive professional experience. It began to take shape after injuring practicing taekwondo during a competition, after having received a scholarship for training in the discipline in a high performance center peak.

At that point, Ivan Grau, with the support of his parents, who saw that he had a talent for cooking, decided to study Cooking in Gandía, in the CDT Center, a school in which is only admitted young people. After completing training, he went to work at the restaurant Celler, where he discovered that, once he had learned the basics of food, he needed to move to learn. He moved to Moraira, where he worked for a month along with Miguel Ruiz. Then, the CDT sent him a job offer in Martin Berasategui restaurant, where helpers were needed. Ivan immediately arranged his things and went to work in the Basque Country . This was his first restaurant three star Michelin.
After his time in Lasarte, he returned to La Seu, ​​a ramshackle kitchen where the best dishes he had ever seen and learned were cooking using elaborated techniques. There he spent two years before he joined SH Ifach Calpe Hotel. After the summer stage went to El Rodat Hotel. He discovered many products and the importance of gastronomic press.
Eager to conquer new horizons and keep learning, he moved to England to learn English and worked with Gordon Ramsay, one of the best star Michelin chefs in the world. After his time abroad, returns home eager to vindicate the Spanish gastronomic culture. He sets back in Moraira, in the Ca Pepe restaurant, where mature culinary, develops his style and decides that he is ready for a new and ambitious project safer. With an offer on the table, returns to Rodat, where it is awarded a Sol prize in the prestigious Repsol Guide, by the president of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy, Rafael Ansón.
In May 2011, he was awarded for his career with the award for Best Chef APEHA revelation, a whole succeeded in spite of his youth and the high level of the other finalists.
Actively collaborating on presentations, courses, radio, in newspapers, blogs and editing of several reference books on the Alicante cuisine, Ivan Grau grows up and try with his own restaurant, which is immersed in a process of redemption of local products. Zensatez is one of the best restaurants in Moraira and captivates all gourmets passing through their kitchens and amazes the customers with different dishes, new experiences and creative tapas. From days of themed dinners to gourmet days with chocolate until the Gourmet Race in Moraira, everything is possible in this place with charm and quality dishes.
In addition, the restaurant fit all budgets, with menus from 18 to 27 euros. To book, simply call 96 574 42 55 or write an email to the address info@zensatez.com.
For those who enjoy the food and want to practice their different dishes at home, at the restaurant’s website, www.zensatez.com, they can find numerous recipes with typical products of the area.

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