11 febrero, 2014

In Five CC we analyze and study businesses, services and stores with an Internet presence with the objective to convey our review, evaluation and recommendation of the most competent business to consider or offer a better service or product.

Our goal is to become a benchmark of quality to make your search faster and more effective.

We provide a detailed analysis of the items that we believe are most relevant to your choice, leaving to your criteria the final conclusion.

In parallel, we are interested in making an inventory of the image quality (that companies offer on the Internet) and cooperate with other market studies that may be interesting for any of our users, who are performing competitive analysis.

Currently, the fact of a company to have a presence on the Internet has many advantages when it comes to be reachable by their potential customers, the business is exposed to the world 24 hours a day 365 days a year, in exchange for minimum costs, provides visibility, a professional corporate image and provides a quick and effective communication with the users (if it’s known how to make good use of all of this, obviously). Central to this is a good corporate image and good design with a professional quality to provide reliability for business clients.

It may seem that we are carried away by appearances, but the reality is that Five CC knows that a brand is much more than a pretty face, but our experience and history tell us that attention to detail and the quality of work than often goes hand. For this, is not just necessary a nice presence, but the website maintenance, periodic updating of its contents and, if possible, the easiness to the hiring of the services or purchase of the products.

Many companies still lack web presence, a sign of neglect or lack of interest in itself image. So for Five CC this is the starting point in the analysis of companies in which corporate image online is starting on the surface to be scratched down to the foundations that have shaped the initial project. Thus, we analyze the company from the beginning, following its development, branches and transformations to reach its present state and assessing its future projection to account for relevant information on request, that is to say, to serve as a study example market for the entrepreneur, for competition or for the potential customer.

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